50th Anniversary Issue Tumbleweeding Now!

South Dakota Review 50th Anniversary Issue

To celebrate 50 years and the many hundreds of talented writers SDR has featured since John R. Milton got us started in 1963, the staff has been working on a whopper of an anniversary issue: 61 contributors, 328 pages, and some jaw-dropping cover art (above) from Ward TwoEagle. It all adds up to three seasons’ worth of poetry and prose from some of today’s best artists writing from and about the American West, and it’s arriving in your mailbox soon! Here’s the view from Dakota Hall over the weekend.


Above, from left to right: assistant editor Niki Ciulla; artistic director Holly Baker; managing editor Sara Henning; associate editor David Levine; and intern Breanna Bietz. As you can see, our ambitions for the next 50 years are growing faster than ever. Reader, would you consider asking your local library or bookstore to stock SDR, or showing your support for what we do in other ways?


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Spring/Summer 2011 Issue of South Dakota Review is Out and About!

Spring/Summer 2011 Cover

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of South Dakota Review is out and about in its new and shiny 9×9, glossy format. Initial feedback on the redesign and content has been very positive so far from SDR’s contributors and subscribers. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Here’s a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

Lee Ann Roripaugh / Editor’s Essay / “Bodies, Rest, and Motion”

Charlie Clark / Poetry / “Summer Music”

Mary Biddinger / Poetry / “A Bravery,” “Coin-Operated Engine Finds Its Steam,” and “An Elm Tree Will Never Be the One You Love”

Karin Lin-Greenberg / Story / “Lobsterama”

Teri Grimm / Poetry / “Magic Lantern,” “Lyla Recalls That Summer,” and “Go On, Please. This is Very Interesting”

Heidi Czerwiec / Poetry / “Autobioerotic,” “Bettie-Shaped Space,” “Part & Parcel,” and “Abroad”

Tamara Linse / Story / “Damned”

Tamiko Beyer / Poetry / “Compass,” “Says City Water,” “Trash Sail,” and “Someone who will say our names when we get to the end of things”

Dionisia Morales / Essay / “Blue Means Water”

Sandy Longhorn / Poetry / “Cautionary Tale for Girls Caught Up in the Machinery”

Jenn Koiter / Poetry / “The Messy Girl Drives Eastward, With Impending Migraine,” “Early Dinner Ending with a Line from Thomas Merton,” and “Messy Girl Prays with Mathematics”

Lisa Ampleman / Poetry / “Letter from the Field of Vision” and “Because You Look for Yourself in My Poems”

Stephanie Austin / Story / “Drunk in Bathing Suits”

Matt Mauch / Poetry / “Every view is oceanic if you focus on the sky” and “A cottonwood seed, a blade of grass, an I’ll never-see-anything-like-this-again-in-my-life balancing act”

Thierry Brunet / Poetry / Three Poems

Adam Clay / Poetry / “The Sources of Country Music,” “Another Lazy Sunday,” and “Quitting Time”

Nate Liederbach / Story / “Daddy Bird”

Bruce Covey / Poetry / “I’m a Bitty Cupcake,” “Chunks of Or,” “Wealthy,” and “Guilded Elegies”

Carol Guess and Daniela Olszewska / Poetry / “How to Convince a Shy Person to Be Your Valentine or How to Make Heart-Shaped Pumice Holder,” “How to Earn a Legitimate Living Working from Home,” and “How to Donate Your Body to Science”

Tiffany Midge / Poetry / “Antiquing with Indians,” “Teton Valley,” and “Funeral for a Sioux Elder”

Peter Kispert / Story / “Diving, Drifting”

Erin Wagner / Poetry / “Returning Tides”

Tami Haaland / Poetry / “These Roses,” “Wild Goose,” and “October Snow”

Catherine Chiodo / Poetry / “Desert Pathology”

Yelizaveta Renfro / Essay / “Song of the Redwood Tree”

Mark Statman / Poetry / “Of,” “mexican bus ride (1986),” and “Invitation”

Jim Peterson / Poetry / “Rain of Bulls,” “A Way of Flying,” “The Marriage,” and “The Giant’s Dance of Love”

John-Michael Bloomquist / Poetry / “Bell, Book, and Candle: Self-Portrait” and “Meet Me at the Oil Fields”

Allison Hedge Coke / Novel Excerpt “Foundling” (from The Wailing Room)

Nathan White / Poetry / “Provincial”

Matthew Brown / Poetry / “Midnight Crow”

Travis Hedge Coke / Poetry / “In the Mourning”

Daniel Saalfeld / Poetry / “Standing in Smoke”

Ande Davis / Story / “The Dead Wagon”

Liz Kay / Poetry / “The Search Party,” “Valedictory,” and “Death Penalty”

Adrian C. Louis / Poetry / “Blue Fog,” “Coyote,” “Mantle,” and “Oppression Invocation”

Rick Robbins / Poetry / “Bridge”

Chris Haven / Poetry / “To Wyoming,” and “Distance in Denver”

Joanna Penn Cooper / Poetry / “Excerpt from Summer Project”

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