Spring/Summer 2011 Issue of South Dakota Review is Out and About!

Spring/Summer 2011 Cover

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of South Dakota Review is out and about in its new and shiny 9×9, glossy format. Initial feedback on the redesign and content has been very positive so far from SDR’s contributors and subscribers. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Here’s a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

Lee Ann Roripaugh / Editor’s Essay / “Bodies, Rest, and Motion”

Charlie Clark / Poetry / “Summer Music”

Mary Biddinger / Poetry / “A Bravery,” “Coin-Operated Engine Finds Its Steam,” and “An Elm Tree Will Never Be the One You Love”

Karin Lin-Greenberg / Story / “Lobsterama”

Teri Grimm / Poetry / “Magic Lantern,” “Lyla Recalls That Summer,” and “Go On, Please. This is Very Interesting”

Heidi Czerwiec / Poetry / “Autobioerotic,” “Bettie-Shaped Space,” “Part & Parcel,” and “Abroad”

Tamara Linse / Story / “Damned”

Tamiko Beyer / Poetry / “Compass,” “Says City Water,” “Trash Sail,” and “Someone who will say our names when we get to the end of things”

Dionisia Morales / Essay / “Blue Means Water”

Sandy Longhorn / Poetry / “Cautionary Tale for Girls Caught Up in the Machinery”

Jenn Koiter / Poetry / “The Messy Girl Drives Eastward, With Impending Migraine,” “Early Dinner Ending with a Line from Thomas Merton,” and “Messy Girl Prays with Mathematics”

Lisa Ampleman / Poetry / “Letter from the Field of Vision” and “Because You Look for Yourself in My Poems”

Stephanie Austin / Story / “Drunk in Bathing Suits”

Matt Mauch / Poetry / “Every view is oceanic if you focus on the sky” and “A cottonwood seed, a blade of grass, an I’ll never-see-anything-like-this-again-in-my-life balancing act”

Thierry Brunet / Poetry / Three Poems

Adam Clay / Poetry / “The Sources of Country Music,” “Another Lazy Sunday,” and “Quitting Time”

Nate Liederbach / Story / “Daddy Bird”

Bruce Covey / Poetry / “I’m a Bitty Cupcake,” “Chunks of Or,” “Wealthy,” and “Guilded Elegies”

Carol Guess and Daniela Olszewska / Poetry / “How to Convince a Shy Person to Be Your Valentine or How to Make Heart-Shaped Pumice Holder,” “How to Earn a Legitimate Living Working from Home,” and “How to Donate Your Body to Science”

Tiffany Midge / Poetry / “Antiquing with Indians,” “Teton Valley,” and “Funeral for a Sioux Elder”

Peter Kispert / Story / “Diving, Drifting”

Erin Wagner / Poetry / “Returning Tides”

Tami Haaland / Poetry / “These Roses,” “Wild Goose,” and “October Snow”

Catherine Chiodo / Poetry / “Desert Pathology”

Yelizaveta Renfro / Essay / “Song of the Redwood Tree”

Mark Statman / Poetry / “Of,” “mexican bus ride (1986),” and “Invitation”

Jim Peterson / Poetry / “Rain of Bulls,” “A Way of Flying,” “The Marriage,” and “The Giant’s Dance of Love”

John-Michael Bloomquist / Poetry / “Bell, Book, and Candle: Self-Portrait” and “Meet Me at the Oil Fields”

Allison Hedge Coke / Novel Excerpt “Foundling” (from The Wailing Room)

Nathan White / Poetry / “Provincial”

Matthew Brown / Poetry / “Midnight Crow”

Travis Hedge Coke / Poetry / “In the Mourning”

Daniel Saalfeld / Poetry / “Standing in Smoke”

Ande Davis / Story / “The Dead Wagon”

Liz Kay / Poetry / “The Search Party,” “Valedictory,” and “Death Penalty”

Adrian C. Louis / Poetry / “Blue Fog,” “Coyote,” “Mantle,” and “Oppression Invocation”

Rick Robbins / Poetry / “Bridge”

Chris Haven / Poetry / “To Wyoming,” and “Distance in Denver”

Joanna Penn Cooper / Poetry / “Excerpt from Summer Project”

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