Fall 2011 Issue of South Dakota Review in the Mail!

SDR is recently back from AWP, where it was so nice to meet so many of our contributors and subscribers! Yesterday, staff members sent out the newly-pressed and autumnally mooncake-ish fall issue. We can’t wait for you to see it! Yes, it’s true, that autumn was a while back, and I confess that we’re running a bit behind schedule, but hope to get caught up again over the next couple of issues or so. Historically, though, SDR’s seasons have always been somewhat quirkily after-the-fact. Seasons after the season. We’ve come to find this sort of endearing. We hope you do, too.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Table of Contents:

Lee Ann Roripaugh / Editor’s Essay / “Framed”

Miles Waggener / Poetry / “Flaming Arrow,” “Dance Floor,” “Scat”

Geoff Schmidt / Story / “Box of Owls”

Matthew Guenette / Poetry / “Common Denominators,” “Cambridge”

Jeff Alessandreslli / Poetry / “They should try harder to . . . They ought to be more . . . We all wish they weren’t so . . .,” “One Size Fits All and Then Some”

Ira Sukrungruang / Story / “Tip”

Donna Hunt / Poetry / “From the String Theory Sequence: Multiple Donnas”

Marion Agnew / Story / “Walking Out”

Emily Stone / Poetry / “Search and Destroy,” “Who’s Who of the Conquistadors”

Tom Gannon / Poetry / “How to Write a Native American Poem’

Amy Hassinger / Essay / “Going Native”

Steven D. Schroeder / Poetry / “Buried Among Those Mountains,” “Flutter Fodder,” “You Won’t Find a New Land”

Sarah Fawn Montgomery / Essay / “Weather I’ve Known”

Jon Tribble / Poetry / “Long Stories About Short Pigs,” “Compared to What,” “Up for the Down Stroke”

Sandy Yang / Story / “Longing”

Meg Thompson / Poetry / “For a Long Time This Poem Was ABout Shaving,” “You are the farmer”

Melissa Kwasny / Poetry / “The Black Calf,” “The Eagle Tree,” “Thunderbird,” “Thunder Egg”

Gregory Lawless / Poetry / “Factoryville Anabasis”

Eve Wood / Poetry / “Keep the Car Running”

Karen Gettert Shoemaker / Story / “What Sarah Said”

Katherine Riegel / Poetry / “Hoping to Learn from Wilbur, Who Said Love Calls Us to the Things of This World,” “Boys”

Rebecca Loudon / Poetry / “Young corn grows right up to the shore,” “No place for an outsider who’d never survive the rafty pins,” “Overwhelmed with Stubborn Affliction,” “Metropolis”

Michaela Mullin / Book Review / “Review of The Wide Road, by Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian”

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